Sunday, January 18, 2015

Please Check Out My New Blog

My new blog outlines everything I do. Most people probably don't know what life at a specialized engineering school is like .. So much class, so much stress, so many nerds, so many weirdos, so many parties. I was surprised when I got here, but most students here drink a TON or smoke pot all the time as their only way to deal with stress.

Agent Provocateur SALE

There is a huge sale on some of the sexiest lingerie I have ever seen. It's sexy yet it still shows personality in the piece. 

This is the Petunia Corset. Was $790, now $250 !! 

Petunia Gown was $690, now $350 !!

Phoenix Bra was $250, now $70 !!

Astra Brief was $650, now $190 !!

Ilona Bra was $790, now $190 !!

Inga Playsuit was $3900, now $590 !! 

Tamarix Corset was $2500, now $500 !!

Gloria Basque unfortunately isn't on sale, but is so pretty $790 ..

Whitney Bra $220 ..

Mazzy Bikini Bra $220 and Brief $170 ..

Dakotta Swimsuit $450 ..

Tricja Bikini Bra $490 and Brief $500 ..

Varla Cover Up $790 ..

Fionna Kaftan $890 ..

You stay classy, San Diego.

                                                                ~ Cici

Kate Spade

Kate Spade always has cute, colorful things that totally Blair Waldorf. I have the greatest cross-body bag from here. It's hot pink, and the perfect size. It's not very big, so it's not a hassle, and it's the perfect size for my phone and some eyeliner, and my cards. It's a spring color, but I also wear it in the summer, and occasionally the fall. 

There are a lot of things out there that are one thing but look like something else. For example, a portable computer mouse that looks like a racecar, or socks that look like cats, but I think this bag might be the cutest. Flights of Fancy Balloon Bag $398 ..

And check out this totally cute dress that would probably be to kitschy to go with that bag, but you do you if you want, because other people's opinions shouldn't stop you. Balloon Brie Dress $378 ..

There's also a sweater if you wanna go overboard and show everyone that you're obsessed with hot air balloons. If you have all three of these things, you're either really cute and quirky, or you're a little freaky. Balloon Sweater $268 ..

This is my favorite of the balloon apparel though .. I love short skirts !! Balloon Party Lula Skirt $298 ..

I also love bows .. Valentino and Kate Spade are probably the best designers that work with bows. This is the Georgia Beach Stripe Underwire Bandeau $98 ..

And OOOOOOOH !! More hot air balloons, but these go on your ears. Up Up and Away Drop Earrings $78 ..

And now for your wrist, the Get Carried Away Idiom Bangle $98 ..

Your neck, the Up Up and Away Pendant $128 ..

I also really like this bracelet, because I love poker. I know that there aren't dice in poker, but a Double or Nothing Idiom Bangle would keep me inspired during a game $78 ..

                                                                                     ~ Cici

Pierre Hardy

Here are some more shoes for your fantastic closet collection. 

Dynamo Heel Boots on Sale ..

Colorama ..

And how about some exquisite cuffs ?!?!

Bracelet Manchette Circle on Sale ..

Bracelet Manchette Rose Maxi Cube on Sale ..

Bracelet Manchette Argent Mini Cube on Sale ..

Bracelet Manchette Mini Cube on Sale ..

Sandale Lily Pastel ..

Psychorama Homme ..

Carre Multicolore Cube ..

                                                                                ~ Cici

Gianvito Rossi

Let's get some shoes .. OK. I remember when I didn't like shoe shopping, but holy moly, shoes are so pretty. My dream closet is gorgeous and organized by color, and my shoe portion takes up about a quarter of it. Keep in mind that my dream closet is huge, so a fourth of it being shoes is a ton. 

This is the Inferno Mule $800 ..

Raquel Boot $585 ..

Marlene Lace-up Sandal $735 ..

                                                                                  ~ Cici


Due to my current mood, here is another post with swim !! Beautiful, sexy swim. Here in Colorado, things are pretty chilly, but a girl can dream. 

This top has color, symmetry, and a zipper !! It's called the Zip Me Up Bustier Bikini Top $130 ..

Also in black and white ..

If you want the one piece version, here's the Temptation Tank Spring Suit $230 ..

The Liquidity Long Sleeve Spring Suit which reminds me of a sleek, futuristic space costume from a movie $300 ..

Action Tank Spring Suit $250 ..

They also have swim leggings $220 ..

Swim fast, fishies.

                                                                                              ~ Cici

Mara Hoffman

I am definitely not a quite person, nor am I boring, predictable, or whatever. I like being different, loud, and new, so check this out. Mara Hoffman has tons of color, and lots of design. It's like getting your picture taken and looking directly into the flash .. so exciting and bright, I love it.

The Reversible Lace Up One Piece has so many bright colors, a different shape and back, and an interesting design $242 ..

This dress has kind of the same pattern, just a different color scheme. Strappy Swing Dress $216 ..

The Strappy Sice One Piece definitely has a different shape. Straps on the sides, a very low back, and a cool kitty on the front $242 ..

This brightly-colored, comfy sweater called the Poncho Sweater $211 ..

Remember to be loud and show your colors !! 

                                                                                               ~ Cici