Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mara Hoffman

I am definitely not a quite person, nor am I boring, predictable, or whatever. I like being different, loud, and new, so check this out. Mara Hoffman has tons of color, and lots of design. It's like getting your picture taken and looking directly into the flash .. so exciting and bright, I love it.

The Reversible Lace Up One Piece has so many bright colors, a different shape and back, and an interesting design $242 ..

This dress has kind of the same pattern, just a different color scheme. Strappy Swing Dress $216 ..

The Strappy Sice One Piece definitely has a different shape. Straps on the sides, a very low back, and a cool kitty on the front $242 ..

This brightly-colored, comfy sweater called the Poncho Sweater $211 ..

Remember to be loud and show your colors !! 

                                                                                               ~ Cici

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