Monday, July 28, 2014


One of my favorite pairs of shoes is from Guess. They're tan, short booties with a zipper on the side and laces for decoration. Not only are they super cute, but they're more comfortable than my sneakers. I can walk around a mall almost all day in these, and they have a 1.5 inch heel. 

For a morning brunch in the summer with a nice dress that flows in the breeze, try these booties. They have a nice heel that will clack when you walk, and have the peep-toe and cutouts in the side to be acceptable boots for warmer weather. The Lezza Open-toe Perforated Booties $149 ..

For a chilly winter/fall day with minimal ice, try these for the days you feel like going more grungy. They have some grip on the bottoms so you won't slip on grass or wet sidewalks.. The Finlay Lace-up Buckle Booties $149 ..

And for a night out in your sexiest bodycon dress, the Kalli Lace-up Booties $129 ..

This shoe would go well with a pair of ripped, frayed, denim short shorts. Bitki Open-toe Booties with Zipper on SALE $99.99 ..

                                                          ~ Cici


So, I am the proud owner of two puppies, and two kitties, and I love them to death. I have plenty of Hello Kitty stuff, but I also like most things with animals on them. I DO NOT LIKE WALLS WITH ANIMALS ON THEM. But, clothes and jewelry and stickers, hell yes. I know I sound like a middle-school aged female, but I'm not going to pretend I don't. Fortunately, this site has a more sophisticated and mature take on animal accessories. 

I like how in this piece, the monkey is less realistic, and more abstracted, yet it's body language still gives it a personality. This is the Small Monkey Necklace White Bronze and Blue Sapphire $134 ..

Sorry that the pictures are so small, but the site doesn't have bigger ones, and if I blow them up too much, the pictures becomes gravely.

How about some cute little elephant studs $140 ..

I absolutely adore this sick octopus necklace. It also comes in silver $220 ..

More elephant $146 ..

And for the classic girl, they have an entire section revolving around hearts. 

$94 ..

This one I actually found in the "symbols" section $400 ..

                                                             ~ Cici

Sunday, July 27, 2014


I love color, and I like things that I'm pretty sure nobody else has or has seen. Fair warning, the site is not in English. :)

I know that everyday I wake up and I'm like, "If only someone would tell me where to get a clutch that has a toucan embroidered on it". The Clutch Rosa ..

There is also a Clutch Verde ..

Clutch Bordo ..

The Brinco Dourado ..

Another clutch, the Clutch Bege ..

Look !! Another animal clutch, the Clutch Prateada ..

Clutch Verde e Marrom ..

Also available in Amarela e Verde ..

Pink e Preta ..

Check out the site for more clutches, earrings, scarves, and other jewelry like these. 

                                                         ~ Cici


BONUS :  Get $10 off your first order for subscribing to their e-mails.

This website is mostly bottons, a few tops and jackets. 

Here is the Little Queenie - Dirty Bit $88 ..

Here is the Little Queenie - Is Miley Serious $69 ..

Here is the Little Queenie - Blank Stares $98 ..

Here is the Little Queenie - Baby Back $88 ..

And I do need to get myself some new overalls. Shortalls - Bunch of Fives $88 ..

Here is the Galaxy - Flavor Savor $88 ..

Here is the Wool & Vegan Leather Jacket - Sofa King $108 ..

                                                                    ~ Cici


At first glance, this site doesn't have much to offer. The pages they have are clothing, new, leather bags, sale, tennis, and lounge, and none of those have drop-down menus. However, click on clothing, and there are many pages of fabulous clothes.

Like the Lake Play Suit $80 ..

Trompe Button-up $77 ..

Sparkle Palm Cardigan $73 ..

Gathered Varsity Jacket (unfortunately currently sold out) ..

Gathered Skirt in Deep Purple $35 ..

                                                              ~ Cici


I thought it would be nice to do another post on men's clothing. Welcome to Jack Wills. Though the clothes are rad, you can't deny the fact that the carefree poses these male models have are enough to make you ladies swoon. 

I think I made it pretty clear in the last post I did on men's clothing, but if not, let me reiterate that I love a guy in a big, cozy sweater .. specifically the kinds of sweaters that I post. For example, the Tuckfield Collar Crew $89.50 ..

And everybody needs a jacket when it's lightly sprinkling outside, like the Longdon Jacket $44 ..

And check these classy shoes !! Harestone Leather Brogue $298 ..

And if you don't like this suit, just pretend that I only posted it only for the man in it. (But really, I do like this suit.) Buckingham Suit $148 + $298 ..

                                                      ~ Cici


If you buy a t-shirt from this site, they will plant a tree in America as a movement to restore forests. 

Everyone's heard of and probably has an LBD, but what about an LWD? Though maybe not as sexy, this little number will put an easy-going flow into your stride. Sofia Dress $245 ..

Also look at this shirt that makes it look like you're wearing a vest when you're really not. Bette Blouse $214 ..

I've always liked tube tops, but I'm a swimmer and my shoulders are very broad, meaning a tube top that fits my shoulders will be much too big for my boobs and won't stay up. This top looks like a tube top but has tiny straps to keep it up. Dolly Top $123 ..

I also found a pair of shorts with a wild pattern on them. Sherry Shorts   $99 ..

And to finish off the post, a sweet blazer. Colee Blazer $275 ..

                                                           ~ Cici

Thanks for reading guys !! I'm going on a hike with my puppies today, so I won't be posting anything new until later. Remember to message me what you want to see and follow this blog here and on Twitter !! <3 

                              ~ Cici

Saturday, July 26, 2014


If you ever forget how to spell this site's name, just remember one collar, two socks. 

BONUS: Extra 25% off sale items right now !!

Dusty Rose Dress $19.99 ..

Brunch Bow Dress $14 ..

Poodle Dress $12 ..

Angelo Wedge $44.99 ..

Reba Booties $29.99 ..

Britney Lita Bootie $39.99 ..

                                                                         ~ Cici


Sometimes you have people you have to get gifts for but you don't want to spend a lot on them because you don't really care that much, but at the same time you want to get them something? Maybe not? Well, this site has a bunch of little things that are, no offence to the buyers and sellers and owners of these things, but wastes of time and space in the junk box you hide in your closet. 

A Pug Mug that has only three places to drink from. I dare you to try and drink from one of the corners, you'll get your beverage all over your chin, front, and lap $11.99 ..

Are you a parent with a child that likes the crust cut off their sandwich? Or they don't eat just because their stubborn? Turn lunchtime into a game with the sandwich that doesn't have crusts and can be put together in multiple ways with the Bites and Pieces Crust Cutter $8.95 ..

I would actually love to see this mug at one of my friends' houses. Probably wouldn't really want it sitting in my cabinet, but a silly idea all the same. Donut Mug $11.95 ..

Definitely check out this site if the stuff you see on this post is up your alley. 

                                                               ~ Cici