Wednesday, July 23, 2014


This is definitely one of my favorite places to find new things, being geeky myself. This place has clothing, toys, things for home, things for the office, and of course gadgets. Whether you're a die hard gamer or a TV addict, there's bound to be something here to further your obsession.

BONUS: You get reward points for buying things which will get you free stuff !!

This is the Optimus Popularis Keyboard. Each of the 77 keys is programmable to do whatever you want. AAAND .. currently it's on sale for $1424.99 !!

Have you ever played monopoly? Which version?

I dare you to collect them all .. JK, who even has time for one game of monopoly? But the themes do make them look more fun. 

Last but not least, who wouldn't want to snuggle with Chewie?
(He makes noises !!)

                                                                                       ~ Cici

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