Saturday, July 26, 2014


Through all of the posts on this blog, I haven't yet posted anything specifically for the male specimen. I do like a nicely dressed man, so I've decided to share a site that's very popular among groups of strapping boys with trust funds. 

Let's start with a nice dress shirt. Did you know purple gives you endorphins? And we all know that "endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don't shoot their husbands. They just don't." This is the Non-iron Extra-slim Fit Hairline Stripe Dress Shirt. I like this striped shirt, because stripes are on so many pieces of clothing, and their getting tired, but this shirt dons them without being to blatant about it $120 ..

And look at that stunning tie that goes perfectly with it. 

The Extra-slim Fit Button-down Collar Dress Shirt $95 ..

Onto my favorite part of the male outfit .. the tie. I really like bows, but neckties are almost just as cool. 

BB#4 Repp Tie $79.50 ..

Check Tie. I really like this one $79.50 ..

Robot (!!) Slim Tie $59.50 ..

This one kind of looks like a napkin $59.50 ..

Lastly, you can dress up with a sweater vest, a sweater, or a jacket, but you have to have a spiffy, fit blazer. Three-button Sack 1S1S Blazer     $648 ..

Not only is the Oxford Pique Knit Blazer super sexy, but so is the model underneath it $248 ..

To be frank, I want a man that wears cardigans like this. Maybe he holds a glass of scotch (no rocks) as he makes light, but meaningful, chit chat with his father, uncle, and grandfather by the fireplace. The Fair Isle Cardigan $198 ..

(If the man described above is you .. I'm single !! Haha)

                                                              ~ Cici

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