Thursday, July 24, 2014


This site has a huge collection of things you've probably never seen before. ROMWE sells the "Latest Street Fashion Online", which explains why some of there stuff is so different. 

BONUS: You can choose to shop by what's new THAT DAY !! So you can make sure you stay ahead of everyone else who won't know the next trend until you're wearing it. 

One of the things I found interesting was this Oversized Aztec Denim Coat that looks extremely comfortable $96.99 ..  

We've all seen a monokini and though, "weird tan", but look at this Sexy Semi-sheer Cut-out Black Swimsuit that will take weird tan lines to the next level $40.99 ..

You can wear it, but afterwards say goodbye to crop tops for a while. 

Um .. do we not all love Mike Wazowski? This Green Monster Print Sweatshirt will put him right on your chest. BONUS: It's on sale !! $38.94 ..

And let's not forget those days when you're like " How do I make people stare at my boobs whist silently warning people not to touch my boobs?"BOOM. All-over Spike Design Bra $36.50 ..

A bit obnoxious, just don't try to wear a shirt over it and you'll look like a badass. 

                                                                    ~ Cici

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