Saturday, July 26, 2014


You may not have ever heard of this site. These clothes are chic but casual with a tiny side of quirky. They have clothes, accessories, swimwear, and phone cases.

Look how flawlessly this t-shirt gets dressed up with a skirt, but imagine it with some torn up light-wash jeans and you've got a completely new look with something you probably already have. 

Here's a fun new phone case. I personally like to keep one phone case on my phone until it breaks, but I do know a lot of people who change them every day, and I am guilty of having a collection of them anyways. 

How about a Dimepiece Logo Dashiki? Available in two colors $45 ..

Check out the site if this stuff is you or you just want it to be you. Just remember to own whatever you do. Confidence is very attractive. 

Dimepiece 5-panel Leopard Cap $20 ..

                                                 ~ Cici

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