Friday, July 25, 2014


To the site of my favorite publisher .. TASCHEN. They have books of amazing photography, travel books featuring amazing photography, fashion books of previous and future fashion trends accompanied by amazing photography, architecture books with amazing photos of buildings, erotic photography, and the special collectors edition books that can be bought for hundreds of dollars. Basically, if you're into art, or just books with minimal reading required, you might be able to spend the rest of your money here. 

This book is 576 pages of record covers from the best rock albums from the 60s to the 90s. All of the selections are from Michael Och's private collection and this book will show you the evolution of cover art. Plus, this book is only $19.99 ..

Are there any comic book fans reading this? I'm not really, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to have this giant book. 720 pages outlining the making of DC comics and biographies of the makers. The author of this book just finished his 38th year as DC's president and publisher. There are more than 2,000 pictures in this book telling the stories behind DC and its history. $200 ..

There is also a collection of six books called Fashion Designers A-Z. The designers featured are Akris, Etro, Stella McCartney, Missoni, Prada, and Diane von Furstenberg. Each book comes bound in a fabric created by the designer it represents and comes in a Plexiglas box. 

Below are the four different fabrics the Prada edition comes in $350 ..

Each of the other ones are also $350 ..



Diane von Furstenberg

Stella McCartney


Remember the stories you were told as a child? Cinderella? Hansel and Gretel? Sleeping Beauty? More than likely, you were told the happier versions than they once were. Turns out, Cinderella's stepsisters wanted to fit into the slipper so badly that they mutilated their feet in order to do so. The illustrations in this book were done by famous artists from seven countries. The translation in this book is based on the 1857 edition of the stories $39.99 .. 

BONUS: On iBooks you can get this book for $0.99.

Stories in this book are :

The Frog Prince
The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats
Little Brother and Little Sister
Hansel and Gretel
The Fisherman and His Wife
The Brave Little Tailor
Mother Holle
Little Red Riding Hood
The Bremen Town Musicians
The Devil with Three Golden Hairs
The Shoemaker and the Elves
Ton Thumb's Travels
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
The Three Feathers
The Golden Goose
Jorinde and Joringel
The Goose Girl
The Twelve Dancing Princesses
The Star Coins
Snow White and Red Nose
The Hare and the Hedgehog
Puss n' Boots
and The Golden Key

                                                  ~ Cici

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