Friday, August 8, 2014

Designer Marathon - Dolce & Gabbana

Sixth post. This designer brand is a little more sophisticated than I'm ready to dress, but I still like to look and admire their work.

Pictures, prices, and items below are from ..

So cute in my favorite kind of way. 3/4-sleeve Jeweled Owl and Lace Applique Dress $4995 ..

This outfit looks very classy to me. It also kind of looks like it belongs on a British person at private school, but I would wear it, maybe. Double Jewel Button Herringbone Jacket and Wool Flirty Skirt $2,645 + $895 ..

I couldn't wear this, but I like how it falls and drags on the ground in the back. Owl & Squirrel-print Gown with Jewel Button Shoulders $6,495 ..

Pictures, items, and prices below are from ..

This black gown is so elegant and also falls beautifully behind the wearer. Lace-appliqued Georgette Gown $8,095 ..

I like that these platforms aren't just one color, but instead are printed on a simply looking shoe. Printed Patent-leather Platform Sandals $995 ..

                                                               ~ Cici

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