Thursday, August 7, 2014

Designer Marathon - Carmen Marc Valvo

Four !! This is another designer that I love for their gowns. I clearly am still a little girl that wants to be a princess. Do you know any sing;e-and-looking princes? 

The pictures, prices, and items below are from

Purple is my favorite color. I like gowns where you can't see your feel, but if I wore one I would probably trip knowing my coordination, and also they would get dirty dragging on the floor, right? Neither of those things would stop me from wearing one if I had it and a place to wear it. Beaded Halter-neck Floral Gown $1,320 ..

Beaded-neck Halter Top & Abstract Floral-print Ball Skirt $595 ..

And if you don't like that skirt and would rather the top of that outfit be with something simpler, the Halter Beaded-neck Gown $1,075 ..

BONUS .. Carmen Marc Valvo has a line of swimwear.

Massai Glamour Bandeau Swim Top & Strappy Bottom $87 + &75 ..

And something to go with that bikini, the Mesh Boat-neck Cover-up Tunic $127 ..

                                                           ~ Cici

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