Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Would you like to see more dresses? Ok fine, just for you. And me.

So, I like dresses that don't have straight hems. I like flowy, layered dresses because you probably can't draw a line right where the hem is. This dress has pompoms on the bottom, which is so fun and I love it. Estebana Hawaiian Tropical Cross Back Pom Pom Swing Dress $44.98 ..

This dress does have a very simple hem, but it has great shape to it. Sneha Floral Caged Back Swing Dress $44.98 ..

This dress isn't too special, but it's color is lovely and it's on sale. Talitha Pink Chiffon Frill Skater Dress $30.58 ..

I love this sweater, love the color, and I really do like these shorts. Ophelita Off Shoulder Jumper $26.98 ..

                                                                         ~ Cici

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