Sunday, August 3, 2014


So, I love toys. I do like fashion, but I also get bored really easily and indulge in my childish side a lot, so I like things that I can play with. Obviously I still like acting like a kid because otherwise I wouldn't be so public with my liking of Hello Kitty, or swinging at playgrounds, or liking when other people take care of me. 

Being nerdy, I will play Scrabble with you, probably lose because I'm a math/science person, but still. Especially if you have this nice board, I'm in. Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game $199.99 ..

If chess isn't your game, what about Tournament Chessboard with Chess Pieces $67.88 ..

And who doesn't love going at it with their family over a stupid infinite-hour game of monopoly? The Wooden Monopoly Luxury Edition $199.99 ..

Don't be fooled though, this site has much more than board games. Definitely take a look at their fountain pens. They're gorgeous and personally, they make my handwriting much better. 

                                                                                                        ~ Cici

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