Monday, August 4, 2014


Everyone is doing yoga. And you can't go to yoga without a supercute outfit, even though you'll end up sweating, especially if you do hot yoga. These clothes are also good for walking your puppy down the street, running through the park, picking your kids up from school so everyone knows you're not just a stay-at-home mom that sits on her ass all day. 

So, this tank top is the kind with a built-in sports bra, but don't be fooled, this a totally sexy version. the shirt part forms from the front part of the bra part and it falls loosely around you, and it falls low under your arms so you can see the bra and a little space between the bra and where the shirt starts to cover so your waist is shown off. 

I like this shirt, because it does show off more than a nice shirt would, but if you're wearing it with black yoga pants/leggings and a black sports bra like this model is, you can pull it off by calling it workout clothes. Yoga clothes are sexy, and this shirt is no exception $88 ..

Look at this nice jacket that hugs your curves so you can show off your body, stay dry in the rain, and it's lightweight so you can run with it on and it's not bulky or too loose. It also comes in a really cute color $128 ..

And if you're not worrying about rain, but just the chill from the early spring morning of from the ocean you're running next to, try this jacket. It also has a very sexy fit, and it's also made out of Luon fabric which is sweat-wicking, stretchable, and breathable. If you're not going to workout in this, you can put it on after you workout so that when your body temperature goes back down you won't feel as cold $118 ..

I think you can figure out which yoga pants look good. Just make sure they're tight enough that you don't have a camel toe !! Gross. Also avoid that by not pulling them up too high. Tight will also make your butt look amazing, just don't cut off your circulation. 

                                                                                        ~ Cici

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