Sunday, August 3, 2014


PLEASE check out this collegiate lingerie. You will not regret it, unless you go or went to your man's rival school. Unfortunately for me, I don't go to a large enough college to have a collection for me, but so many people do (that's redundant), and everything is on SALE !!

How about University of Texas? 

Boyshort on sale for $16.20, was $36 ..

Cami for $17.55, was $52 ..


Texas A & M (same prices) ..

My favorite thong that I have is from here. It's hot pink and says "Gemini" in rhinestones on the waist. I also got it for $1.50 !! Wanna know how? I checked the sale, and it was on sale for $11.50. I joined the e-mail list for $10 off my first order, and they were having a special free shipping weekend. Boom !! A $36 super sexy thong for less than a Forever21 thong. Follow me and I'll show you how I fill my closet and get my deals. 

                                                                                            ~ Cici

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