Saturday, August 2, 2014


Who needs a new iPhone case? Like everybody. I know that personally I have a collection of iPhone cases that I need to use and accidentally break before the new iPhone comes out and the cases no longer fit. 

Hybrid Power Case that gives the your phone 80% more battery life without needing to be hooked up $79.95 ..

I do think this is a cute idea, but if you're going to have card slots, they need to be on the inside so that you won't accidentally lose your license of credit cards. Maybe put your less important cards in here like your business cards that you want to be spread around anyway or your Dave and Busters game card $39.95 ..

For a sweeter color $49.95 ..

Maybe you want a cute little coin purse that makes you feel like you're in elementary school again $49.95 ..

Remember in "Clueless" when Cher is in PE and she has her cell phone in a little crossbody pouch? Look at this one that's even cuter. There are also card slots INSIDE  $149.95 ..

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