Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I know I've done a lot of posts with dresses and sweaters, but you can't just wear dresses and sweaters, so I've broken down and I'll do a post on just pants. 

Edgemont - Shiraz Silk Coating, because you don't want all of your pants to be solid black leggings or denim $269 ..

Sometimes, you do just need a casual, simple jean pant. Jimmy Jimmy Skinny - Woodrow $189 ..

Casual-looking hot jeans that aren't blue. Edgemont - Nightlife Destructed $249 ..

Because sometimes you just want people to think you dropped your pants into a paper shredder. Indigo Zip - Ramone Destructed $229 ..

Because you always keep people guessing what you're going to wear next. Verdugo - Copper Galaxy Coating $249 ..

Because I love purple. Verdugo - Violet Galaxy Coating $249 ..

Little different, but not too obnoxious. Echo Park Short - Mosaic Tile $169 ..

Snazzy. Verdugo - Surrealism $199 ..

I got tripped up on this design, so if you want attention and people looking at you, definitely try these. Echo Park Short - Grey Nomad $139 ..

                                                                                   ~ Cici

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