Monday, August 4, 2014


You can't buy OPI from the site, but I just wanted to share my favorite colors with you. I only wear OPI, not like Nicole by OPI, just OPI. I love their colors because they go on opaque the exact same color as you see through the bottle. Some polishes require like five coats, but not these. They also have really pretty colors and lots of sparkly and glittery colors. They're also all shiny. 

These colors are expensive if you go to Target or something. My mom has a license to go to beauty supply stores and can get them at cost, so my advice to you is to find a friend that can get them at that price, which is like four dollars. 

I wear minimal makeup. Little powdered foundation sometimes, mascara, and purple eyeliner, and I always have a different, special color on my nails. Unfortunately, all of those things don't work so well when you're in the pool as much as I am, but a good top and bottom coat, and I can keep most of the color on my nails for a few days without them looking horrific. 

Pink Yet Lavender ..

Minnie Style .. ..

Blush Hour ..

Innie Minnie Mighty Bow ..

A Grape Affair ..

Suzi & the 7 Dusseldorfs ..

Orange You Fantastic ..

Next Stop...The Bikini Zone ..

AmazON...AmazOFF ..

The Sky's My Limit ..

DS Indulgence ..

                                                                                       ~ Cici

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