Sunday, August 3, 2014


Let's all admit that Burberry has the greatest trench coats. 

This Long Grosgrain Detail Gabardine Trench Coat has an amazing color, amazing detail in the design, and amazing fit (at least on this model) $1,695 ..

This Mid-length Cotton Lace Trench Coat has even more detail. It looks to me like the perfect jacket to wear to brunch in NYC. This also would look amazing on a shopping day in Aspen in the Fall $1,995 ..

Also, if you haven't noticed by my previous blog posts, I love booties. And I love shoes that clack. And I love shoes that not many people have seen before, with crazy designs and shapes. At this point in time, I am looking for a strapping young man under 30 that will buy me things like these :). I like to think that it's only in my dreams like that that I sound like such a selfish bitch. 

The Calfskin Peep-toe Ankle Boots $950 ..

These shoes would be amazing with an LBD. I think they're just so bomb. Tapestry Peep-toe Ankle Boots $995 ..

Looking at these is making me go crazy and get sad ..  I want !!

                                                       ~ Cici

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