Sunday, August 3, 2014


Would you like some jewelry that is reasonably priced, shiny and sparkly, and super rad? Ya, me too. This stuff will also make great gifts for friends and girlfriends. 

Maybe don't wear this to go dancing, but it would definitely make you look very regal. Imagine yourself with this on, with maybe a tight black dress, stretching your neck upwards and feeling like you're better than everyone else. Gold Chain on Me Bib $38 ..

A cute elephant on your wrist with the Safari Cuff $28 ..

Roman Numeral Bangle ..

How about get up on this trend? Twerk Bracelet on SALE for $10 ..

Mini Tassel Earrings available in silver and in gold $10 ..

These are different Rose Gold Tassel Earrings also available in gold on SALE for $10 ..

                                                                                ~ Cici

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