Sunday, August 3, 2014


Obviously you've heard of this site. Obviously. Obviously. If you haven't and you're a girl .. what are you even doing. If you haven't and you're a guy .. really. Their bras are gorgeous, but I also like their clothing. 

I would love to wear this Cold Shoulder Dress on the beach in the Hamptons, or poolside at a private property with a perfectly green lawn. On SALE for $59.50 ..

I love how this cover-up lets you show off your bikini top and your waist. Beach Sexy Tassel Cover-up $49.50 ..

This cover-up is just so easy and fun. U-ring Cover-up on SALE for    $54.50 ..

And if you want to wear a cover-up but not actually cover anything more than your bikini does, you can get that same cover-up in black.

I've grown to like oversized clothing because I wasn't always skinny, and I've also grown to like things that are more low-cut because I didn't have a waist to show off, and I don't like to show off my arms because being a very competitive swimmer, my shoulders are very broad and my arms have a lot of muscle that I've never been proud of. In conclusion, I show off my boobs, my legs, and my hair, working on showing off my waist more now. (For being in chlorine all the time, I do have extremely gorgeous hair. My mom does hair so I've always had the best products, and then add that to the Asian genes.)

Back on topic, a comfortable, looser sweater with a little bit of a V. A Kiss of Cashmere Double V-neck Tunic $79.50 ..

And another totally cute, comfortable hoodie to wear around the house or on a chilly walk on the beach. A Kiss of Cashmere Zip Hoodie $88 ..

                                                                    ~ Cici

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