Friday, August 8, 2014

Designer Marathon - Sergio Rossi

Number 7. This designer has gorgeous shoes. They all have fun shapes and then they also have details on those shapes .. take a look. 

Pictures, prices, and items below are from ..

To pair with a long, drapey gown or a short, simple dress. Scalloped Crystal Peep-toe Sandal $1790 ..

Also available in black ..

Items, pictures, and prices below are from ..

I personally like this pair of shoes better than the ones above, but I would be lucky to have either. Puzzle Basic Embellished Suede Sandals $1,260 ..

And now, if you like this designer but would prefer something a little less shiny and sparkly (for some reason) try these. Flora Suede-paneled Leather Shoes $1,250 ..

                                                                           ~ Cici

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