Thursday, August 7, 2014

Designer Marathon - Alice + Olivia

I'm going to do a series of posts with each one focusing on a different designer. All of the pictures, prices, and items are from 

I like Alice + Olivia because their stuff is very feminine and elegant. They use color and also have shiny things. 

This dress catches the eye with its metallic shimmer, and then keeps it because of the design on the fabric. Also .. deep V. Pacey Metallic Jacquard Structured Dress $396 ..

Anyone could wear this sweater; its color is so basic, and the cut is so flattering. Whether it be taking a walk or sitting at home, I can see this sweater being perfect. Mixed-knit Loose Sweater $348 ..

This delicate gown will allow you to look elegant and also show off some leg. The bag also has an even deeper V than the front, so if you have awesome lats or a bacne free back, voila. Mia Front-slit Lace Gown $396 ..

I wouldn't wear this because of my broad shoulders, but do you think you could wear this anywhere where people wouldn't see the deep blue in the corner of their eye (or in front of their eyes) and not at least do a double take, if not just stare? What a wonderful color. Teifer Feather-pattern Metallic Ball Gown $1,096 ..

Simple, yet you could wear this to a nice event. There's a lot of detail on this one mini dress. Emmie Lace Slip Dress $330 ..

This dress is cut in my favorite way. It doesn't make the hips look like they just spring off the side of your body, but instead, the dress flows from your tiny waist, down a smooth slight curve to your hips and right on past to the ground. I can imagine myself having a very long and powerful stride in this Chantal Floral-print Sleeveless Gown $1,298 ..

                                                                            ~ Cici

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