Monday, August 4, 2014


More Shoes !! Obviously.

For a rainy day under a rubber ducky yellow umbrella, walking through very shallow puddles with a good friend. Lauuren $129.95 ..

For going out to dinner to somewhere nice, but not too upscale, with girlfriends and maybe a boyfriend or two. Korsett $149.95 ..

For going to a casual event, while wearing teeny denim shorts or a flowy dress in the Fall. Russty $149.95 ..

For when you want to look like an outdoorsy person (but really you're not and you're actually a brat, but everybody knows it so who cares) with a slouchy sweater or but flannel button-down shirt tied around your waist with shorts on and maybe two side braids or a slouchy ponytail. 
Rockstr $149.95 ..

For meeting a friend while you're wearing a lightweight LBD for lunch. Cynthiaa $129.95 ..

I can't wear this shoe, but it sure would be fun to. France $159.95 ..

This looks like something you would wear as a bridesmaid with an ugly, loud dress. Majestyc $129.95 ..

Wear out to a chic upscale restaurant with a simple LBD. I absolutely LOVE this color and want a nail polish like it. Jumpoff $129.95 ..

                                                                                    ~ Cici

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