Sunday, August 3, 2014


I have a favorite kind of sunglasses. Can you guess? My Ray-Ban's are so important to me. I don't let just anybody try them on or touch them. I don't leave them anywhere, and I try to always have my hard case with me to put them in so they don't get smashed. They're polarized so they were pretty pricey, but definitely worth it because I love them. I first got Ray-Bans, because I felt like I couldn't walk around Aspen High School without them. All of my friends had a pair and I loved them, so I was like "why not?". 

This is an Aviator Polar Special Series that's $215. These are what mine are ..

They also have pairs that can fold up for convenience. Aviators are not their only style that does this. They don't have a picture, but the part that goes back around your face and ear folds inwards in half and then the lenses fold together $205 ..

And do you even know how much I love this pair? A LOT. There are even more colors.  Aviator Flash Lenses $170 ..

There are also Clubmaster flash lenses. These are like half wayfarers, have aviators $170 ..

And now, the roadtrip wayfarer $155 ..

The guy I end up with will definitely appreciate the Ray-Ban. 

                                                                                                  ~ Cici

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