Thursday, August 7, 2014


Alright, I know it's not close to any holiday that these would be good for, but imagine sitting at the Thanksgiving table and everybody was eating off of these. You'd look a little silly, wouldn't you. 

Eat Fit Cutlery that includes a 1kg knife, 1kg fork, and 2kg dessert spoon $145 ..

Do you and your wife/husband trust each other 100%? If you're both struggling with being faithful and you would both like some help, try out this wedding ring. The inside has an engraving on it, so that if you try to slip off your ring when you're at a bar or something, the rings leaves behind a mark that says "I'm Married" for anyone scouting out your left hand to read $550 ..

Don't you think it's a good idea to start drinking and not be able to stop? Chances are that when you're holding a beverage, you'll subconsciously keep sipping out of it. If you purposely want that to happen, might I suggest these glasses that have a rounded bottom. You'll never be able to set it down, therefore you must finish your drink before you can free up your hand $58 ..

                                                                                               ~ Cici

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