Thursday, August 7, 2014


The name might make you think that these clothes aren't nice or classy, but you can make them whatever you want them to be, and I see sweet outfits to make here. 

For the times when you want to look like you're cold, but you're not really. It's cute, but not practical. Fall Off Sleeveless Coat $118 ..

Who doesn't like plaid? Also, I like purple. Lumberjill Button-down $58 ..

You probably already know I like trench coats. Check Yourself Trench Coat $98 ..

Slouchy sweater !! I don't really need more stripes in my closet, but they keep putting stripes on cute clothes. Polka dots. We need polka dots. Big ones. Maybe mixed with little ones. Not in lines. Perf. What Rhymes With Hug Me Sweater $68 ..

Looks warm, cozy, and oh so relaxed. I could definitely snuggle up and do whatever in this Big Bend Jacket $98 ..

You watch Gossip Girl? You know that episode in season one where Blair is mad at Serena and also Jenny goes to Blair's? She is wearing a white, sheer robe that flows so flawlessly behind her. This robe is kind of like that, but I think Blair's is more elegant with no pattern to it. You could probably make this Skivvies by For Love and Lemons Anastasia Robe work too $220 ..

This top looks so delicate and light that it makes the model underneath it look so fragile and nice. Daisy Chain Top $60 ..

If I were bone skinny, I would wear this. But bone skinny is not the same as thin, and I feel like we would get some squishing out of all those cutouts. Nasty Gal Strapped for Sass Top $38 ..

I wouldn't wear this top with these jorts .. ew. But I would wear it with leggings, or if it was long enough, I might even just wear black tights. Nasty Gal Turn It Loose Top $58 ..

Love this V. This also looks like a sweater that you could wear without a bra and nobody would notice if you were nippin' or not. Just make sure it's centered. Boys Club Sweater $58 ..

I might wear this out on a crappy Saturday when I want all the boys to know that my standards have been lowered for the night. I would wear different bottoms though. Nasty Gal Back Up Cami $38 ..

I would wear this. This is also impractical, but maybe there will be a right time. I see it more with lingerie, but that's just me. Sheer Caress Kimono $58 ..

Weird tan. Nasty Gal Strung Up Swimsuit $98 ..

                                                                ~ Cici

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