Friday, July 25, 2014


So I've posted crazy weird swimwear in previous posts, but now it's time for my favorite swim designer. All of the clothing from this designer is super sexy, but there is no match for how stunning these suits are. Gentlemen, if you want to show off you're hot woman on the beach or at your friend's pool party, I'm pretty sure she would love one of these as a gift. And ladies, it's time to show the world that you're courageous enough to wear something so strange, yet powerfully sexy. 

The Inia Fringe Swimsuit $990 ..

The Sagan Hardware-detail One-piece Swimsuit that will place triangles all over your body (also available in red) $840 ..

The Erika Colorblocked Swimsuit for a more traditional approach $640 ..

And the Skyler Hardware-embellished One-piece Swimsuit that has less triangles than the Sagan, and the back is just two horizontal straps and a halter strap instead of more triangles. This one is also available in black $790 .. 

                                                            ~ Cici

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