Saturday, July 26, 2014


WE ONLY HAVE THREE MONTHS TO GET OUR HALLOWEEN COSTUME PERFECT !! I know that I want to be the one that everyone stares at (in an admiring way) when I walk into a party. What's the point of going to a party and not being noticed? I go to a college where there are three guys to every girl, but still some of those girls do know how to dress up hot every once in a while, so the competition is on. I'm not saying however, that I would wear all of the costumes I'm about to post out, but I do like the idea of wearing them. 

Being from Colorado, I know that it's much more comfortable to dress warmly since it will probably be snowing. How perfect would this Bear Costume Coat be to trick-or-treat in? Unfortunately, it might get a little warm inside, so maybe put a backup costume on under this $258.95 ..

This costume makes little sense, because it was made for a female and female peacocks don't have the pretty feathers .. but whatever, it's pretty $229.95 ..

I definitely like these mermaid costumes. I'm currently an NCAA swimmer and have always liked the water, and what little girl doesn't pretend to be a mermaid while playing in the pool? Sexy as these are though, they don't look to be the most effective if you're looking to walk or dance. If you happen to not be sober, these would be even more dangerous than the mythical (or not) creature they represent. Personally, I prefer the gold one $199.95 ..

This is the costume they call Rebel Mouse ..

I wonder where they got the idea for this costume ..

If you're on a budget, make sure you sort the costumes by price low-high, this site some pretty good deals. 

Also, if you're looking for very showy lingerie, there is PLENTY on this site. 

                                                               ~ Cici

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