Friday, July 25, 2014


IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not forget the "NY" in the web address. 

One of my favorite designers is Milly NY. One of my favorite phone cases is theirs !! Take a look ..

Isn't it clever? 

They have super cute dresses too. This beautiful gown is the Alexa Illusion Gown. I can definitely see myself prancing down the streets of Manhattan in this dress and stilettos, complete with a slight breeze coming at me just enough to lift the skirt a little and make my hair look flawless as I smize into the air in front of me $800 ..

This one I see more at a nice gala, movie premier, or ball. In this gown, my hair would be pulled back tight into an intricate bun, and I would stand as tall as I could with a mature and sophisticated look upon my face as crowds of people gazed at me in wonder $1,100 ..

If you've seen my previous posts, particularly the ones with swimwear in them, you'll know that I like the suits that will leave you will the funniest looking tan lines anyone will ever see, and this one will definitely make your partner pause and give your sides another glance when you're in bed $165 ..

You can't see it in the picture, but those sides are full circles, so you'll have a tan that will make it look like you were wearing a sort of monokini with lines of untanned skin 

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