Monday, July 28, 2014


So, I am the proud owner of two puppies, and two kitties, and I love them to death. I have plenty of Hello Kitty stuff, but I also like most things with animals on them. I DO NOT LIKE WALLS WITH ANIMALS ON THEM. But, clothes and jewelry and stickers, hell yes. I know I sound like a middle-school aged female, but I'm not going to pretend I don't. Fortunately, this site has a more sophisticated and mature take on animal accessories. 

I like how in this piece, the monkey is less realistic, and more abstracted, yet it's body language still gives it a personality. This is the Small Monkey Necklace White Bronze and Blue Sapphire $134 ..

Sorry that the pictures are so small, but the site doesn't have bigger ones, and if I blow them up too much, the pictures becomes gravely.

How about some cute little elephant studs $140 ..

I absolutely adore this sick octopus necklace. It also comes in silver $220 ..

More elephant $146 ..

And for the classic girl, they have an entire section revolving around hearts. 

$94 ..

This one I actually found in the "symbols" section $400 ..

                                                             ~ Cici

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