Friday, July 25, 2014


It's time for Hammacher Schlemmer.

You might have heard of this place, as it's been a company for more than 150 years. But if you've been here before, how long did you spend? If it was only a few minutes, there is no way that you found all of the crazy cool stuff they have. 

The best thing I've ever seen on this site that I still really, really want isn't available any more. I'm guessing they didn't have very many of these anyway. Say hello to the 20 foot long animatronic triceratops. It was featured in a traveling exhibit that went from museum to museum across the country. This robotic dinosaur responds to its surroundings with lifelike reactions and makes very loud noises (as a dinosaur should). It's eyes can track a person and even identify a person's facial features $350,000 ..


So, even if it were available to buy, it's not very affordable. Here's something that would make you the coolest, chillest guy/girl in the office. BOOM. The Caffeine Craver's Colossal Coffee Cup $49.95 ..

You might have seen this in a Youtube video somewhere, but did you know where to get one? I feel like visibility in this vehicle might me a little sketchy, but .. you'll probably figure it out. The Olympic Ceremony Monowheel $7,000 ..

You know those times when you have six friends over and you're like, "I wish we could all go for a tricycle ride together"? That problem is now solved. Feast your eyes on the Only Seven Person Tricycle $20,000 ..

And here is your next new car. Well, new to you. This car functioned as an Authentic London Taxi Cab in the 1980s. It's been restored and updated for the modern times with automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes $40,000 ..

If you've been to Aspen, you know that there's a place you can rent these, or you've just seen them around the town, but if you feel the need to own one, this is the site that can hook you up. The Five Person Pedal Surrey takes two people to operate, with both people in the driver's seats pedaling and steering together $3,900 ..

Now, you can't have the 20 foot dinosaur, but if you really have your heart set on a big robot, maybe check out this robot. (He's only seven feet tall though ..). The Genuine 7 Foot Robby the Robot is only about a tenth of the price that the dinosaur was $32,000 ..

But, maybe it's not a giant mechanic toy you want, maybe it's a soft, cuddly one. Introducing, the 6 Foot Plush Puppy $129.95 ..

And finally, for those of you who like to drink four beers in a sitting but don't want to keep getting up to get the next one and would rather your beer just get warm from being out and in your hand. The Four Bottle Beer Glass $19.95 ..

                                                        ~ Cici

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