Sunday, January 18, 2015


I really like sheer, drapey, elegant pieces, which there are plenty of at Zimmermann

This is the Essence Silk Veil Playsuit, and I don't usually like playsuits rompers, but this one looks so nice, I can't help but like it $395 ..

If you've looked through my older posts, you can probably tell that I LOVE swimwear, especially uncommon cuts that will give you the weirdest tans if you stay out in the sun in them too long. Lucky for me, Zimmermann has exactly that. This is the Porcelain Bonded Chevron 1 Piece $370 ..

If you like that shape, but want more pattern, there is the Trinity Chevron $360 ..

Booties are also one of my favorite kinds of shoes. This is the Lattice Bootie which I like because of the reasonable heel, the interesting cutouts, and the peep-toe $420 ..

If I could walk around naked in public sometimes, I would, but it seems pretty frowned upon. So, I tend to wear clothing that leaves a small amount to the imagination if looked at hard enough, but I do look decent if you're just glancing. Anyway, I saw this and I fell in love. Please enjoy this Riot Corseted 1 Piece $750 ..

You can also get the 2 Piece version $695 ..

And if you like that style, but need something for a night out, the Riot Eyelet Swing Jacket. Knowing me, I would wear this with nothing underneath $850 ..

I've been watching Friends lately, and after being thrown back into seeing 90's fashion, I love the crop top. I was too young in the 90's to wear things like this, but now I'm not and would totally do it. This one looks like it would be nice to wear whilst out for a walk to the local farmer's market in the summer. Tempo Brocade Plunge Bodice on SALE for $240 ..

Also available in black on Sale $190 ..

And in Backbeat Rose (the back) on Sale $250 ..

I like rings because I think they make my fingers look longer and more elegant and grown up. I also happen to be a bit of a nerd, so anything science related I dig. This is the Mania Mania Ephemera Ring Set on Sale $155 ..

Check this place out.

                                                                                        ~ Cici

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